Cocke County Moonshine Distillery
Cocke County Moonshine Distillery

Cocke County Moonshine Distillery: We offer 100% moonshine that is guaranteed to be the best you have ever tasted.

If you are searching for the best moonshine, visiting Cocke County Moonshine Distillery is your only choice and always an extraordinary experience.  The moonshine produced at Cocke County Moonshine Distillery is sure to be famous. Friendly service at our facility is a given.


The team at Cocke County Moonshine Distillery looks forward to welcoming you!

Arvis Keys, (pictured below) is the owner and Master Distiller of Cocke County Moonshine Distillery. He grew up in the heyday of moonshining and bootlegging. People made moonshine out of necessity to help put food on the table. In the rural areas of Cocke County Tennessee, moonshining was a way of life. In order to keep true to tradition, Master Distiller Arvis Keys follows an authentic recipe to produce every drop of their infamous spirit from three 500 gallon all copper stills.

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